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Imagine extending your swimming season with the help of the Intex Pool Heater. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top-rated pool heater models available on the market. Whether you’re seeking a highly efficient, energy-saving heating solution or a cost-effective option for your pool, we’ve got you covered.

The Top 17 Best Intex Pool Heater

  1. Efficient, Compact, and Easy-to-Install Pool Heater: Ecosmart Smart Pool 27 Electric Pool Heater — Transform your pool into a year-round haven with the Ecosmart Smart Pool 27 Electric Pool Heater, featuring advanced flow sensor technology, precise digital temperature control, and eco-friendly performance.
  2. MasterTemp High-Performance Propane Pool and Spa Heater — Experience unmatched pool and spa warmth with the MasterTemp 125K BTU LP Pool Heater, offering 82% thermal efficiency, easy digital controls, and a corrosion-resistant enclosure, all at an affordable price.
  3. MasterTemp 400,000 BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater — Fast Heating, Energy Efficient — The Pentair EC-462028 MasterTemp Gas Pool Heater provides lightning-fast heating, top-notch energy efficiency, and a durable, eco-friendly design for swimming pool or spa enjoyment all year round.
  4. Intex Solar Pool Heater Mat: Energy-Efficient & Effortless Heating for Above-Ground Pools — The Intex Solar Heater Mat is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution to heat your above-ground swimming pool using the power of the sun, with easy installation and compatibility with Intex filter pumps.
  5. Intex Solar Pool Heating Mat: Eco-Friendly Warmer for Above Ground Pools — Transform your pool water with the eco-friendly Intex Solar Swimming Pool Heating Mat for above-ground pools, now with an on/off switch and two B adapters included.
  6. Intex Solar Pool Heater Mat for Above Ground Pools — The Intex Solar Energy Heater Mat is an eco-friendly and efficient solution to heat up your above ground pool using solar rays, compatible with various Intex filter pumps and increasing pool water temperature by up to 9°F.
  7. Intex Solar Pool Heater — Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly — Make your above ground pool warmer and more energy-efficient with the Intex Solar Mat pool heater, designed to work with various Intex filter pumps and featuring eco-friendly solar heating technology.
  8. Intex Solar Pool Water Heater for Above Ground Pools — Enhance your above ground pool experience with the Intex Solar Mat Above Ground Swimming Pool Water Heater, featuring eco-friendly solar technology and easy setup with adaptors and bypass valve.
  9. Eco-Friendly Solar Pool Heater by Intex — Experience the natural warmth of the sun with the Intex Solar Heater Mat, an energy-efficient and eco-friendly solution for heating your 8,000-gallon above-ground swimming pool.
  10. Eco-Friendly Above Ground Pool Water Heater with Auto Skimmer — Experience the ultimate pool experience with the Intex Solar Mat Water Heater, a solar-powered solution that increases pool water temperature and an accompanying automatic skimmer to keep your pool clean and ready for a refreshing swim.
  11. Solar-Powered Intex Pool Heater for Above Ground Pools — Experience a luxurious swimming pool with the Intex Solar Mat Above Ground Swimming Pool Water Heater — the eco-friendly, 4-pack solution to warm your pool water up to 5 to 9 degrees!
  12. Intex Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater 4,000 Gallons 14,800 BTU/Hour — XtrempowerUS’s 14800 BTU/Hour Pool Heat Pump offers robust performance for up to 4,000 gallon above ground pools, with simple installation and easy maintenance.
  13. Intex Above Ground Pool Heater for 4700 Gal Pools — The Xtremepowerus 14,500BTU Heat Pump for Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater is perfect for pools up to 4,700 gallons, offering efficient heating and hassle-free installation for a memorable swimming experience.
  14. Intex Above Ground Pool Heater Install Kit — Extend your swimming season with our durable and flexible above ground heater installation kit designed for Intex pool compatibility, built to last and providing secure connections.
  15. Ebusin Intex Pool Heater for Above Ground Pools and Hot Tubs — Get ready to enjoy the perfect temperature in your spa or hot tub with this 220V 3KW Intex Pool Heater, complete with adjustable temperature thermostat and easy installation.
  16. Ultra-Quiet Swimming Pool and Spa Heater — 65,000 BTU Titanium Heat Exchanger — Experience the extended comfort of XtremepowerUS 65,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heat Pump, built for continuous operation and minimal maintenance, providing reliable and comfortable heating for any swimming pool or spa.
  17. Eco-Friendly Solar Pool Heater for Intex and Bestway Pools — Experience an extended swimming season with GAME SolarPRO Curve Pool Heater, harnessing eco-friendly solar energy for your above ground pool up to 30' (Bestway and Intex models) — enjoy the most out of pool season!

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🔗Efficient, Compact, and Easy-to-Install Pool Heater: Ecosmart Smart Pool 27 Electric Pool Heater


I recently got my hands on the Ecosmart Smart Pool 27 Electric Pool Heater and let me tell you, it’s a game changer! Installing it was a breeze, especially considering it’s designed to fit any new or existing pool. The digital temperature settings, with increments of 1 degree, have been a real lifesaver. No more guessing games or waiting for hours for the pool to heat up, you can set the exact temperature you want and get it right away.

One of the great features of this heater is the use of flow activation instead of traditional pressure switch activation. Not only does it increase the reliability, but it also reduces the risk of burned elements. Plus, it’s compatible with the Eco Smart remote control (sold separately) which adds an extra layer of convenience.

However, the compact size of the heater might be a downside for some. The 240-volt connection could also be a drawback for outdoor installation, but overall, it’s a fantastic addition to any pool setup. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the continuous convenience and energy savings as much as I have.

🔗MasterTemp High-Performance Propane Pool and Spa Heater


I recently tried the MasterTemp 125K BTU LP High Performance Pool and Spa Heater, and I must say, I was quite impressed by its performance. As someone who loves to take long soaks in the pool during colder months, I found this heater to be an essential addition to my pool setup.

One of the standout features of this heater is the pre-mixed combustion technology, which makes it incredibly efficient. In fact, the 125K BTU output is perfect for heating medium-sized pools, and I was able to witness how quickly the water temperature rose. The digital display was easy to use and provided valuable information right at my fingertips.

Another benefit of this heater is its compact design. I have a smaller space next to my pool, and this heater fit perfectly without taking up too much room. The installation process was also quite straightforward, and I didn’t experience any issues — a definite plus.

However, there were a few negative aspects I came across while using this heater. The first one was the box, which was substantially larger than the heater itself. This resulted in significantly longer shipping times, which was a bit of a bummer. In addition, I had to purchase an extra flex line connection for the gas, which had not been included in the package.

Overall, the MasterTemp 125K BTU LP High Performance Pool and Spa Heater proved to be a high-performance, affordable option for those looking to heat smaller pools or spas. The digital display was user-friendly, the heat output was impressive, and the compact design allowed for easy installation. But be aware of the larger-than-expected packaging and the additional gas line connection you may need to purchase.

🔗MasterTemp 400,000 BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater — Fast Heating, Energy Efficient


When using the Pentair EC-462028 MasterTemp 400K BTU Gas Pool Heater, I was immediately struck by how quickly it heated up the pool. The gas heater works efficiently, reducing the wait time before I can dive in and enjoy my pool. This pool heater is also environmentally friendly, as it’s certified for low NOx emissions.

One of the standout features of this gas pool heater is its digital display, which allows me to position the controls exactly where I want them. This makes it easy to control the temperature of the pool or spa without having to move around the entire area. The digital controls are also extremely simple to use, making operation a breeze.

The Pentair heater I’ve been using features a pre-mixed system with an efficient gas and air mixture. This allows the heater to heat up quickly, providing a hotter pool in less time. Its efficiency is matched by its compact design, which doesn’t intrude on my poolside leisure time.

The pool heater is also incredibly durable, with a tough, rustproof exterior that can handle both the heat and the elements. Its outdoor and indoor installation certification only adds to its versatility, making it suitable for any pool or spa setting.

However, there is one downside to using this gas pool heater, and that is the price. It might be a bit more expensive than some other options, but the added efficiency, convenience, and reliability make the investment worth it.

Overall, the Pentair EC-462028 MasterTemp 400K BTU Gas Pool Heater is a well-designed, efficient, and reliable heater that has made a significant difference in my pool experience. Despite the higher price tag, I believe it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to enjoy their pool or spa to the fullest.

🔗Intex Solar Pool Heater Mat: Energy-Efficient & Effortless Heating for Above-Ground Pools


I recently gave the Intex Solar Heater Mat a try to heat up my above-ground swimming pool, and I must say, the experience was a mixed bag. On the positive side, I appreciated the eco-friendly solar technology that allowed me to harness the power of the sun to warm up my pool water. The simple hook-up process also made it a breeze to get started.

However, there were some aspects that left me underwhelmed. For starters, the included hoses didn’t fit their own product and started leaking right away. I had to purchase additional hoses to make it work properly, which added an extra layer of inconvenience. The bypass valve was a great feature, but the output pipe’s size was just a bit too small, causing some leaks.

Another downside was the reduced pump flow, which made the water temperature inconsistent. This issue made it challenging to maintain a comfortable swimming temperature, especially during colder weather. The product’s compatibility with various filter pumps was a plus, but the limited effectiveness of the solar mat in heating the water left me wanting more.

Despite the setbacks, the Intex Solar Heater Mat did manage to provide some warmth to my pool. With the right setup and some patience, it could be a decent solution for those looking to extend their swimming season into cooler months. Just be prepared to deal with a few quirks and potential hiccups along the way.

🔗Intex Solar Pool Heating Mat: Eco-Friendly Warmer for Above Ground Pools


Living in a small apartment in Manhattan, I didn’t have space for a traditional swimming pool. So when I came across the Intex Solar Heating Mat, I was ecstatic. Not only did it require minimal space, but it was also an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating methods.

Setting up the mat was a breeze — it took me less than 30 minutes to position it in the sun and connect it to our pool’s existing filtration system. As I watched the water’s temperature rise, I couldn’t help but marvel at the engineering behind the product. The solar cells work so well, they even picked up a couple of degrees when it was cloudy.

One of the best features, in my opinion, was the included adaptor. It made connecting the mat to our pool’s filtration system a cinch. No need for extra tools or additional hardware — just plug and play.

However, the mat wasn’t perfect. While it performed well, it didn’t heat the pool as dramatically as I hoped. There were times when we came home to a pool that was only a few degrees warmer than when we left. This wasn’t the mat’s fault, but it’s something to consider if you’re planning to use it in colder conditions.

Despite the minor setback, the Intex Solar Heating Mat proved to be a reliable way to keep our pool’s temperature just right. It was an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution that worked perfectly for our small apartment-sized pool.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend the Intex Solar Heating Mat to anyone looking for a simple, eco-friendly way to keep their pool warm. Just remember, it might not heat your pool as drastically as you’d like in colder weather, but it’s still a great addition to any pool setup.

🔗Intex Solar Pool Heater Mat for Above Ground Pools


I’ve been using the Intex Solar Energy Heater Mat for a while now, and it’s surprisingly effective in keeping my above-ground pool cozy for swims. The design is quite clever — it harnesses the sun’s rays to warm up the water without adding any extra energy costs or emissions.

What I really appreciate about this solar heater mat is its compatibility with a variety of filter pumps. It also managed to increase the pool water temperature by up to 9 degrees Fahrenheit, which was a pleasant surprise. Another highlight is its environmentally friendly approach to pool heating.

However, I’ve encountered a couple of issues. The mat has a tendency to fold up at one end, and although I tried various ways to flatten it, it has remained a bit uneven. This might not seem like a big problem, but it can hinder the efficiency of the solar panels.

There’s also the occasional issue of kinks in the mat’s water tubing, which can affect performance. These kinks might be due to the way the mat is packed for shipping. Maybe if it was shipped rolled instead of folded, this issue could be avoided.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I’ve found the Intex Solar Energy Heater Mat to be a reliable and efficient way to keep my pool warm. It’s not perfect, but it gets the job done, and its environmentally friendly features make it worth considering for anyone looking to heat their above-ground pool.

🔗Intex Solar Pool Heater — Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly


I recently tried the Intex Solar Mat for Swimming Pools, 2-Pack, and it felt like a breath of fresh air for pool owners who are looking for an eco-friendly and energy-efficient way to heat their pools. This 2-pack of solar mats is specifically designed to work with Intex filter pumps and increase the water temperature by up to 9°F, providing a comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience even during chilly days.

These solar mats are made with solar heating technology, which is a great way to capture the sun’s rays and warm up your pool without causing any harm to the environment. The solar mats also come with a bypass valve, which ensures optimal use and better control over the heating process. Despite their compact size, they’re quite efficient, and I noticed a noticeable improvement in the pool’s temperature after just a few days of use.

That said, there have been some issues reported by users regarding the durability and construction of the solar mats. Some customers have experienced blow-outs and leaks, which can be quite frustrating, especially when you’re trying to enjoy your pool. Additionally, some users have reported difficulty in finding replacement parts due to the lack of availability in the market. This can be a headache for customers who are looking for a hassle-free experience.

In conclusion, the Intex Solar Mat for Swimming Pools, 2-Pack, is an excellent option for pool owners who are looking for an eco-friendly and energy-efficient solution to heat their pools. The solar mats are easy to install and use, and they’re quite efficient in terms of heating the water. However, it’s important to note that these mats may have durability issues, and proper care and maintenance are required to ensure they serve their purpose effectively.

🔗Intex Solar Pool Water Heater for Above Ground Pools


When I first received the Intex Solar Mat Above Ground Swimming Pool Water Heater, I was excited to try it out on my pool. The installation was fairly straightforward, and I appreciated the ease of finding the right attachment points and connections.

However, I quickly noticed that the bypass valve wasn’t functioning as well as I expected. As a result, I had to make some adjustments to balance the flow of water in and out of the heater. This was a bit disappointing, especially considering the otherwise straightforward setup process.

One challenge I encountered was the lack of suitable hoses for connecting to the filter pump in our pool. I had to search for alternative hoses and made some adaptations to ensure proper functioning of the system. This added a layer of complexity to the installation process, although I did appreciate the versatility and compatibility with various hoses types.

In terms of actually heating the pool water, the solar mat performed reasonably well. On sunny days, I did notice a slight increase in water temperature, which improved the overall swimming experience. However, on cloudy days or during low sunlight conditions, the heater struggled to maintain a consistent temperature increase. This was somewhat disappointing when considering its reliance on solar energy for efficiency.

Overall, my experience with the Intex Solar Mat Above Ground Swimming Pool Water Heater was mixed. While I appreciated the ease of installation and the product’s compatibility with various components, its performance left something to be desired. If you’re considering purchasing this heater, be prepared to potentially handle minor issues and adapt to its specific requirements for optimal performance.

🔗Eco-Friendly Solar Pool Heater by Intex


As someone who has been using the Intex Solar Heater Mat for their swimming pool, I can say it’s been a mixed experience. It’s designed to use energy-efficient solar heating technology to warm up your water without electricity, which has been great. But, there’s a challenge with its performance — the water temperature change isn’t as significant as expected, which is a bit discouraging. It’s especially tough when I’ve noticed some issues with kinked water tubes within the mat, making the heating process less effective. On the positive side, the setup is easy, and I love the included bypass and extension valves. However, the design’s rigidity can pose a problem.

In conclusion, I’d give this product a 3 out of 5 stars. The positive points include easy setup and the addition of the bypass valve. Yet, I have concerns about the water temperature change and the presence of kinks in the water tubes, which may be a result of the product’s design or shipping method.

🔗Eco-Friendly Above Ground Pool Water Heater with Auto Skimmer


Experience the joy of a warm pool with the Intex Solar Mat Water Heater. This energy-efficient heater makes use of the sun’s power to keep your above-ground swimming pool warm even on a chilly day. While installing it might seem a tiny bit complicated, hooking it up to your filter pump takes just a few moments.

The Intex Solar Mat Water Heater comes as part of a bundle with the Wall-Mounted Automatic Skimmer. This skimmer is designed to make your pool-cleaning experience a breeze. It attaches to your pool wall and works with your pool filter to catch and remove debris, leaves, and other floating particles from the surface of your pool. Made of durable, polypropylene plastic, it’s not affected by pool chemicals, making maintenance hassle-free.

However, it’s worth mentioning that while this heater works with a variety of filter pumps, it might not be the most efficient solution for heating large pools. Also, the automatic skimmer might not be as effective as some users would hope given its limited pulling power from the pump.

In my experience, while this product is not perfect, it definitely adds a delightful touch to a swim. The environmentally friendly solar heating technology, easy installation, and a simple, efficient skimmer make it a worthwhile addition to any pool-enthusiast’s arsenal.

🔗Solar-Powered Intex Pool Heater for Above Ground Pools


During my daily afternoon swim in our above-ground pool, I noticed the water’s temperature was quite cool. As winter was approaching, it was becoming more challenging to enjoy my favorite outdoor activity. But to my delight, I received these environmentally friendly Solar Mat Above Ground Pool Water Heaters from Intex to test out.

Upon installing the four solar heaters, which are compatible with filter pumps up to 1/2 hp or a pump flow rate of 2500 GPH, I noticed a remarkable change in water temperature. They work like a charm, increasing the pool’s water temperature by approximately 5 to 9 degrees, depending on the weather’s conditions. The simple hook-up process made installation seamless, and I was ready to take a warm, comfortable swim.

Despite their effectiveness in heating our pool, I encountered an unfortunate downside when one of the heaters started leaking. Despite its compatibility with pools up to 8000 gallons, the leakage resulted in a disappointing user experience. However, the other three solar heaters continued working efficiently, providing an extended pool season.

Overall, these solar mats from Intex are an excellent addition for those looking to enhance their pool water temperature with an eco-friendly heating solution, provided the weather cooperates. Just make sure to be vigilant and replace any damaged heaters promptly.

🔗Intex Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater 4,000 Gallons 14,800 BTU/Hour


When I decided to take a dive into the world of pool heaters, I chose XtrempowerUS’ latest addition to their Swimming Pool Heat pump line. It promised to work with above ground pools, and I loved its sleek design. The 1.25/in. threaded connections that came with it made installation a breeze.

However, one feature that really stood out was the powerful heating capacity of 14800BTU/Hour. It managed to give my pool a comfortable and cozy 80°F temperature even on chilly days. The titanium heat exchanger added to its durability and performance.

Unfortunately, my experience wasn’t all sunshine and laughter. The digital control system was a bit tricky to navigate at the start, but after some trial and error, I managed to figure it out.

The downside was the inconsistent performance from the heat pump. On some days, it worked perfectly, but there were times when it struggled to maintain the temperature. It felt like the flow sensor switch was malfunctioning.

I wish I could say this was the only flaw, but the durability of the product was also a concern. During its first winter in action, the heater ran into some issues. The electrical ignition system seemed to be faulty, which brought back memories of winter evenings spent in a freezing pool.

In conclusion, while the XtrempowerUS Swimming Pool Heat pump provided a comfortable swimming experience, its quirks and occasional malfunctions made it a bit of a headache.

🔗Intex Above Ground Pool Heater for 4700 Gal Pools


When the weather starts to cool down, jumping into a warm swimming pool can be the perfect way to relax and unwind. That’s why I was excited to try out the Xtremepowerus 14,500BTU Heat Pump for Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater, specifically designed for pools with a capacity of up to 4,700 gallons.

The first thing that stood out to me was how easy it was to install. I simply followed the clear and concise instructions, and with the included 1.25/2" threaded connections, I had the heat pump up and running in no time. The process was hassle-free, and this heat pump made me feel like I could finally enjoy my pool even on chilly nights.

However, I did notice that the heat pump consumed more energy than I initially anticipated. While it was efficient in providing heat to the water, I had to pay close attention to my energy bill to avoid any surprise costs. It would have been great if the heat pump could offer a bit more energy efficiency without compromising its functionality.

Overall, the Xtremepowerus heat pump has been a game changer for my above-ground pool. It has allowed me to extend my swimming season, and with its easy installation and hassle-free operation, I can now enjoy the warmth and comfort of a heated pool on even the coldest of days. While it came with a slightly higher energy consumption than I expected, the benefits it brings to my pool experience are worth it.

🔗Intex Above Ground Pool Heater Install Kit


Elevate your above ground pool experience with our meticulously crafted heat pump installation kit. This powerful kit, boasting ABS fittings and weatherproof steel hose clamps, is built to last season after season. The 6ft x 1 1/2" flexible hose provides a durable and leak-free connection, while the smooth sealing with PVC hose fittings ensures a stress-free installation process.

Compatible with Intex pools, including Intex-compatible threaded adapters and hose fittings, this kit makes it a breeze to enjoy warm water for longer periods. The watertight seal guarantees a secure and reliable connection, while the thread sealing PTFE tape ensures a tight seal on all connections.

Intex pool owners will appreciate the convenience and efficiency of our installation kit, providing a reliable solution for their pool heaters.

🔗Ebusin Intex Pool Heater for Above Ground Pools and Hot Tubs


I recently gave the Ebusin 220V 3KW Spa Hot Tub Heater a shot in my small above-ground pool. Installing this heater was a breeze — the manufacturer provides clear installation instructions and the product itself isn’t too heavy to manage.

One of the highlights of this heater is its adjustable temperature thermostat. It’s a nice touch, as I’ve had heaters in the past where maintaining a proper water temperature was a bit of a challenge. However, I did notice that the heater stops working if the temperature exceeds 60°C. While this safety feature is admirable, it did throw off my plans for a relaxing soak one evening.

Additionally, the hot tub heater requires a minimum of 0.25HP/200W (1500GPH) pump, and it’s recommendable for small 340-gallon tubs and spas up to 600 gallons. I found this particular heater to be suitable for my needs, as my pool fit right into the recommended size range.

There’s also a reset button built into the thermostat, which automatically turns off power if the temperature gets too high. It’s a nifty design, but it can be inconvenient if you want to get back into the pool right away.

Overall, I’d say the Ebusin 220V 3KW Spa Hot Tub Heater worked great for my pool, but there are a few minor concerns that I hope get addressed in future iterations.

🔗Ultra-Quiet Swimming Pool and Spa Heater — 65,000 BTU Titanium Heat Exchanger


After a few weeks of using the Ultra Quiet Spa and Pool Heater Pump System, I must say it has been a game-changer for my pool experience. The profiled fan blades really make a difference, ensuring energy-efficient air flow and maintaining a quiet operation. The 2-inch CPVC inlet/outlet connection is a breeze to adapt to larger plumbing installations, making it simple and hassle-free to set up.

The digital control is another feature I’ve grown fond of, as it saves me time and money while easily preparing the pool to my desired temperature. The injection-molded body panels prove durable and resistant to denting, rusting, and deterioration, giving me peace of mind that this heater will last me for years to come. The acoustic compressor cover also deserves a shoutout for minimizing the compressor sound level, keeping my poolside experience tranquil and serene.

However, it’s essential to note that the heater pump should be installed and serviced by a certified technician or professional for safety and proper installation, as it is a crucial aspect of any pool or spa system. All in all, this versatile unit has been a reliable companion in extending my swim season and providing the comfort I seek in my pool experience.

🔗Eco-Friendly Solar Pool Heater for Intex and Bestway Pools


A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try out the Game SolarPRO Curve Pool Heater for Above Ground Pools up to 30' (4721) in my backyard, as the swimming season was coming up and I wanted to extend the time we could use the pool. It was a breezy morning, so I eagerly set up this eco-friendly pool heater with solar energy in mind.

The installation process was relatively easy, although I did run into a minor hiccup when trying to connect the hoses to the pool. It took some fiddling around with pipe fittings and adapters, but I managed to get everything set up in the end. Once everything was connected, I started to notice a small increase in water temperature, which I found quite impressive given the weather conditions at the time.

Throughout the summer, I’ve continued to make use of the Game SolarPRO Curve Pool Heater, and it has definitely helped us enjoy swimming in the pool for longer periods than we would have otherwise. The pool now maintains a comfortable temperature even on chilly mornings, which has been a game-changer for my family.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks I encountered during my experience. Firstly, the unit is quite large and takes up a fair amount of space in my backyard, which can be an issue for anyone with limited outdoor space. Additionally, I found that the unit needs direct sunlight to be effective, but during overcast days or when there’s less direct sunlight, it struggles to maintain the desired temperature.

Despite these minor issues, I’m still happy with my decision to try out the Game SolarPRO Curve Pool Heater for Above Ground Pools up to 30'. It has allowed us to make the most of our pool season and enjoy the warm waters for longer, all while using solar energy. Overall, it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking to extend their pool time and embrace eco-friendly energy solutions.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to ensuring your pool remains comfortable and enjoyable during the colder months, an Intex pool heater is an excellent investment. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over the most important features to consider, key factors to take into account when making your selection, and some general advice to follow in order to get the most out of your Intex pool heater purchase.


Key Features to Consider

  1. Heating Capacity: Choose an Intex pool heater with the appropriate heating capacity to effectively heat your pool. Common capacities range from 100,000 BTUs to 500,000 BTUs. Be sure to check the dimensions of your pool as well, as this will also determine the size of the heater you need. Consult the product specifications for heating capacity and pool size compatibility.

Considerations Before Purchase

  1. Installation: Determine if the pool heater you’re considering requires professional installation or if it can be installed by a handy homeowner. Some models are easier to install than others, so make sure to read the product specifications and consult customer reviews to learn more about installation.

Recommendations and Frequent Questions

  1. Compare the efficiency of the Intex pool heater models within your price range. Look into the fuel type used, as some heaters may use propane, while others may use natural gas or electricity. Electric heaters can be more expensive to run but cheaper to install, whereas natural gas and propane heaters can be cheaper to operate but more expensive to install.

Tips for Maintenance and Usage

  1. Regularly clean the heater’s components, such as the heat exchanger, to ensure optimal performance. This can be done using mild detergent and water, and should be done at least twice a year or as recommended by the manufacturer. For further maintenance information, consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer’s customer support.


What is an Intex Pool Heater?

An Intex Pool Heater is a heating system specifically designed for use with inflatable and above-ground pools. It is a versatile and portable solution that allows users to maintain water temperatures during colder months or extend their swimming season. The heater is attached directly to the pool, making it easy to install and remove.

Intex Pool Heaters come in various sizes and power ratings, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your specific pool model and desired water temperature. They are known for their energy efficiency, safety features, and user-friendly operation, making them a popular choice among pool owners.


How does an Intex Pool Heater work?

An Intex Pool Heater works by heating the water through a heating element. The heater is equipped with a thermostat that monitors the water temperature and automatically turns on or off according to the user’s desired settings. When the temperature drops below a certain point, the heating element starts producing heat, which is then transferred to the water through the heater’s heat exchanger.

The heater is connected to the pool through a hose, which also serves as a safety measure to prevent the water from coming into direct contact with the heating element. As the hot water circulates through the pool, the temperature increases, providing a comfortable swimming experience even in cooler weather conditions.

How much do Intex Pool Heaters cost?

The price of an Intex Pool Heater can vary depending on the specific model and features. Typically, you can find heaters within a reasonable price range, making it an affordable option for pool owners looking to extend their swimming season or maintain comfortable water temperatures throughout the year.

To get a more accurate estimate of the cost, it is best to visit the official Intex website or check with local retailers for current pricing and promotions. Be sure to consider factors such as the heater’s power rating, size, and additional features when comparing prices and deciding which model best suits your pool and budget.


Are Intex Pool Heaters easy to install?

Yes, Intex Pool Heaters are designed to be easy to install and use. Most models come with clear instructions and require minimal assembly. The pool heater can usually be connected to your pool in just a few simple steps, such as attaching the hose and setting up the control unit. Additionally, you can easily remove the heater when you are finished using it, allowing for easy storage and maintenance.

If you are not comfortable installing the heater yourself, you can also consult with a local pool professional for assistance or request an installation service from the manufacturer. Many Intex Pool Heater models are also compatible with various pool accessories and systems, so it’s essential to ensure compatibility and proper installation before using your heater for the first time.

Are Intex Pool Heaters safe to use?

Intex Pool Heaters are designed with safety in mind. They feature various safety features, such as a temperature limit, automatic shut-off system, and a lockout system that prevents the heater from being accidentally turned on or off while handling it. The pool heater is also equipped with a safety hose that limits the direct contact between the heating element and the water, ensuring that you can enjoy a safe and relaxing swimming experience.

It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for proper installation, operation, and maintenance of your Intex Pool Heater. Additionally, users should always be mindful of their surroundings and avoid using the heater in conjunction with any flammable materials or open flames. If any safety concerns arise, consult the manufacturer or a professional pool technician for assistance.

How can I choose the right Intex Pool Heater for my pool?

Choosing the right Intex Pool Heater for your pool depends on several factors, including your desired water temperature, pool size, and the specific features you require. First, determine the square footage of your pool and the desired temperature range to help you select the appropriate power rating for your heater.

Next, consider any additional features you may need, such as digital temperature controls, multiple heating settings, or compatibility with your pool’s existing accessories or systems. Once you have identified the features that best suit your needs, research the various Intex Pool Heater models available and compare their specifications and pricing. Be sure to read customer reviews to understand real-world performance and experiences with the product before making your final decision.

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